Friday, July 11, 2008

PSA: Canine Heimlich Manuever

Mom wanted to give a Public Service Announcment today after Flirtie almost choked to death last night. Mom is still shaken up about it. At dinner time, we got leftover chicken breast YUM YUM YUM with bananas too. I guess Sister Flirtie got so excited, she sucked down the entire thing at once. Mom cut it up, but it didn't cut all the way through. So the WHOLE THING went down. Sister Flirtie made a funny sound but kept on eating so Mom wasn't sure what was going on. Then she kept gagging up tiny pieces of chicken so Mom still didn't know what was wrong. And then she started gasping and heaving. Mom screamed for Dad to come help and he picked Flirtie right up and did the Heimlich on her. Another small piece of chicken came out and she seemed ok for a second and then the gasping started again. Mom was crying, praying for Flirtie. Dad grabbed Flirtie again and did the Heimlich. But nothing happened. And then WHAM up came the whole chicken breast not chewed at all!!!!! Sister Flirtie being as silly as she is tried to gobble it up whole again but Mom grabbed it.

Mom thought she would share this handy link which shows a few different methods:

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Rocket said...

YIKES! Glad to hear you are ok Flirtie. Mom/Dad always stand close by when they give me turkey necks & other raw stuff. I've gagged on those a few times and mom reached in and pulled it out.

Much appreciate the PSA announcement!