Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun with Friends

Gino and Morgan came to visit us today!!! Morgan is a human baby and I wuff her. I begged Morgan's mom to leave her but it didn't work. I played a little bit with Gino but mostly Gino and Sister Flirt played and tormented me. They got me in trouble. Apparently I am not allowed to be the Fun Police or Queen Toy Snatcher..fine whatever. But look at them team up on me! Gino honors Flirt's point!

Flirt move in on me!

But the plan backfires! I beat them both to the toy!

Ha, attack pug, Get her Gino Get her!

That was hard work... 3 tired happy puppies..notice Gino is sideways. Mom can't figure out how to get him right-side-up. He's right sight up on our computer...she's baffled.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to the pug to be a nonconformist! ;-)

Mafiosos! said...

We had a blast! Thank you for having us over! Next time, party at our place!

Rocket said...

Flirt needs to point at the boogie men not you!