Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Once a hunting fool,

always a hunting fool!! Mom wouldn't let me off leash at the Frisbee demo because of my stupid uterus...I have to stay calm blah blah blah so we went on a short walk. And that's when I smelled them..................BIRDS mom I smell birds!!

Come on mom...I smell them, I really do!

They are IN HERE!!!

Bang...let's go fetch it up Mom, I heard the shot gun...come on hurry fetch it up fetch it up!!

Sigh, mom wouldn't let me go find the bird, but I did find a fish too!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun in the Sun

It was almost 100 degrees at our Frisbee event yesterday so mom let us all go for a quick swim!! As you can see, I am still QUEEN OF THE STICK!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well hrrmph!!! I was fired. Stupid uterus!! Mom and Dad took us to a Frisbee demo for Kids, my one of my favorite things in the whole world. I waited for 2 hours until show time and when Miss Jill came by to let Dad know we were up, he took the WRONG DOG OUT. Gasp! He let Flirtie take my job!

It's obvious she is not nearly as cute as me and is NOT GABALICIOUS in any shape or form....ha Dad even has to use 2 Frisbees just so she'll come back!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Singing for my Supper

My day started off so early this morning!! Mom's alarm went off 2 hours before normal!! I was comfy and sound asleep...stupid alarm clock! Don't tell Dad but it's nice when he is gone cuz all 3 of us get to sleep with Mom. I get the best spot under the covers!!!!

After Mom raced around like a mad man, she grabbed my leash and off we went. I waited patiently by the car where I usually go, but Mom said it was kennel time today. Like a good kid, I went in and crawled happily into my sleepie and off to sleep I went.
When suddenly I heard it...the sound of the food bins...WHAT MOM MOM MOM MOM...she didn't hear me so I gave it some extra volume! MOMMM FEED MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Uh oh...Mom wasn't very happy about that. I guess 5:40 in the morning is too early to be screaming at Mom...I felt her give me the look even before she got to I have to wait until Auntie Jennie takes me to Dr Ms before I can get my breakfast.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shout out to Miss Deb

Miss Deb I Wuff You I Wuff you!!!! Look what mom let us all share for dinner tonight!!! Mom says it's called Filet something...but I smell STEAK Yum I wuff steak!!!!
And don't worry, I made sure that mom gave my sis, Kiana, the biggest pieces. They both need some TLC right now.

We Wuff to Sing

You'd think after my chirping Mom would have learned her lesson on how to keep a dog quiet...but we our much smarter than Mom!! Ha ha here is my sister Flirt at dinner time. Makes me look like an angel!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ruff Times

I think I have pies in my uterus. What's that mom? Oh pyomtra is what she called it. There are 2 kinds...can you guess which one I have?? Yep, the bad one, the closed kind. But Mom says we caught it early so I should be ok with some TLC and medication.

Dr. M who sees me all the time says she wants to treat me first and make the infection go bye bye and then go from there. So once again Mom has to give Subq shots. I'm sure glad she practiced on my sister first!!! I've been a very good patient and haven't had any side effect so Mom is pretty happy.

She won't let me on the couches without doing this first! Dr M said that hopefully my cervix will open and all the STUFF Inside of me will come could be clear or it could be very very very YUCKY.....notice I have a sleepie at each couch just to be safe!!

Today was our Vizsla Club's annual fun field day...needless to say I didn't get to go. Mom was going to bring my sister out for a last trip bird hunting, but Dad had a death in the family and is very sad. He had to get on an airplane and leave for awhile. Now mom is sad and we are all moping around today.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All in the Family

Like mother, like son....Or like father, like son....Mom is trying to figure out just who Dylan looks like.


Hottie Owe'n

Son -'s vote says he takes after his handsome father.!!

Although, Mom says he looks a lot like me in this picture!

Busy busy busy

I've been a very busy girl and haven't had much time to post these days. I spend most of my free time NESTING NESTING NESTING.....and driving mom crazy with my invisible puppies!!

Monday night I got to hang out with my best BC buddies Parker AND Sage....I was the queen of the party. I had so much fun. I wuff the boys and I wuff Miss Jeanette and Miss Lisa!!! Once we came inside tho...back to nesting I went!!!!

Parker and Sage are my Frisbee Heroes!

Here is Dad with Sage trying out some freestyle

And Parker, the LEAPING maniac!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's a win!

Mom went to see my son, Dylan, today at the Sacramento Dog Show. I told her she should have let me come but she said with the flu she had no extra energy for me. Just enough to get there and come straight home.
Well, it's a good thing she drug herself out of bed. Dylan took Winner's Dog for 2 more points!! Weeee Go Dylan Go. Monm says he still has my naughty genes with some of his dad Owe'ns sweetness thrown in for good measure.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Day for Hugs

Mom has had a rough two days...I think she needs a big Gabby hug!!

Yesterday, on her way to work...Mom had what you might call a little accident when the sun was in her eyes and all of sudden she saw the neighbor as she crunched into the corner of his car. Mom was very sad and very upset that she made their car go boom. But she did save their bulldog two weeks ago when she got out of their that counts for something right? By the way, did you know Bulldogs make a very funny sound when they are excited??? And here I thought my chirp was weird!

One year ago today, my sister Kiana had that awful tumor removed.....and for one full year she's been a very brave sister, fighting with everything she can. We celebrate the 12 extra months we've all had together. But we also got sad news from Dr. Gabby. It seems that even tho my sister is fighting very hard, the battle has taken a different twist. She is no longer fighting the tumor, but really fighting for life now. Dr. Gabby says to be happy her bloodwork is fantastic and Kiana is as chipper as can be. But she has run out of safe options to give my sister the dignity and quality she deserves.

Just for you Mom, here is my best Gabby hug!!! Look what good hugs I give.Apparently Dobes try to give hugs too, but surely they CANNOT be as good as a Gabby hug!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


That's it...I'm mortified, my Mom is officially Fired as the Frisbee Handler!! Look what she did....HOW am I supposed to catch this? And look at my sister's throw too? SHE'S FIRED!

Mom did redeem herself with a few decent throw, but I'm pretty sure because of her we came in last!! I'm the Leaping Lizard!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


What do you mean I don't have puppies? I have spent the last two days nesting. Mom says I don't have puppies, Dr. C says I don't and so did the ultrasound, but my hormones say I have puppies! Here is the perfect spot for nesting!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Shout Outs

Mom has been a busy beaver this week, learning all about my sister's new protocol and how to give it to her. I want to give a Shout Out to my sister, Kiana, for being so brave. She is letting Mom give her SubQ shots...oh my, she's very brave. I wonder if she knows needles make Mom pass out!!!!

I want to give a Shout Out to my Mom for being brave and not passing out while Dr. Gabby showed her how to put the needle in. And then GASP Mom did it herself. If Mom can't do it, then my sister has to stay in the hospital for three days!! No way, I know Mom wouldn't do that to any of us!!! She wuffs us way to much to leave us there.
As you can see, I take very good care of my Sister!!! My sister is on the last leg of this long horrible journey, but we are doing our best to keep her happy and healthy. I get the best of both worlds cuz Mom talked Dad into missing work AGAIN this weekend to take us to a Frisbee play date!!!!! Woohoo, I wuff Frisbee!