Monday, July 28, 2008

Disc Dog Duo

Mom and Dad took us to the Bay Area for Frsibee Fun yesterday!! Brrr it was so cold, Mom had on 3 sweatshirts...and it was foggy and damp out. Mom even said her feet were sloshing but we didn't care...just THROW It already!! It was so windy that even the Hot Shots were having a hard time catching frisbees. Mom is still learning how to get action shots and didn't get any of me with the Frisbee...she's fired!
Here's one of me FLYING! and more of me on the move!

And one Miss Lisa took with her fancy camera!

Miss Lisa also got some amazing shots of Sister Flirt.

More great pictures from Miss Lisa:


Anonymous said...

I saw all the pictures at Parker's blog. You were all very busy dogs!

Pam Lambros said...

Hi Gabby-Didn't realize you had a blog. We will have to keep checking back.

The Red Dawn gang.

Rocket said...

one of thes days Gabby mom will finally learn how to operate that camera and take an awsome picture of you that will some day make you a calendar girl!!!