Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Faster than a speeding bullet

ok maybe not, but almost as fast as a MACH ADCH CATCH Dog!!! Mom was so excited to take me to agility class last night. She's nutty, but I'm glad, we have so much fun!! When we got there, nobody was there but us...I ran over and jumped right into Miss Donna's lap. I was having fun until I saw that look in Mom's eye...the one that comes just before I get into trouble.

Everybody else was sick or injured so Mom and I got a private lesson in Snooker! Miss Donna showed us how to run the toughest course for the most points. Miss Donna and Chance flew through the course in 44.5 seconds, with 4 sets of 12 weave poles. Boy, that Chance is a speed demon. Then it was our turn. Miss Donna said we could run an easier course, but Mom and I were up for the challenge. Mom had to get a LONG lead out, across the whole length of the course and I had to run by the TEETER and the TIRE to get to her without doing them!! I was on fire...mission accomplished, I swooshed through all 12 weave poles, went over the jump turned left (even tho Mom said Right...dumb lady) swooshed back through all 12 poles over the other jump and went right (good job Mom - she said Right this time) and back through all 12 poles again. Then we whizzed through the main course tire, tunnel, jump, jump, far end of the tunnel (mom almost lost me in the close end but at the last minute I listened to her), teeter and 12 more weage 51 seconds!! Mom was so excited. That is only 7 seconds slower than MACH ADCH CATCH Chance and Miss Donna!

Watch out agility we come!!

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Rio Rocket said...

OH that sounds so exciting! I can't wait to start agility myself.