Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 26 - Patience is a virtue

Sigh, my mom she sure is a crazy lady. She's running around all excited because we get to go visit Dr. C again tomorrow afternoon to see if I really do have puppies in my belly for sure. She is so excited! You'd think she was the one having puppies!!

Maybe mom should get a sleepie. Maybe I should loan her one of mine. It might give her something to do. See here I am just chilling with my sister, sucking on my sleepie. It's all good.


Rio Rocket said...

Where did you get that sleepie? I think I want one. I have a nice bed to lay on but that sleepie looks real comfy/cuddly.

I'm Gabby said...

Hi Rocket, Gabby here. Mom gets my sleepies right off of Ebay from a store called Body Gear. I wuff my sleepies. I can't live without them.