Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The House of Nails

Mom's been so busy she finally heard the clackety clack of our nails last night...darn it, I told Sister Flirt to be QUIET. I hate nail day!

Here I am looking cute and innocent and Sweet!!

And then Sister Flirt....I'm cuter, right?

And of course, we always get treats


Laila said...

I had nail day yesterday, too. At least all three of us are safe for another week or so. Darn those dremmels!

Larissa said...

Want to come do Athenas? She has recently taken to acting like i beat her senseless when i pull the clippers or dremmel out (sigh) oddly enough she will sit for the clippers and nail file but not the dremmel...i have such an odd dog :)