Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Most Beautiful Girl iin the World

Yep, I bet you thought you'd see a picture of me being Gabalicious and all! Nope, today we are appreciating my sister's beauty. Mom got new Fancy Fotos from Miss Meg and look what she did! My sis Kiana is tumor free in the photos!! Look at how happy Mom is to be there with her!!! Shout out to Miss Meg from Callea are the BEST!

I got a day after birthday bonus present MORE SQUIRRELS to chase this morning WOOHOO.....I also got to eat my sister's leftover breakfast. I snuck it down before Mom came into the kitchen. Mom was very sad Sister wasn't as hungry as usual this morning so I scarfed it down and then gave her a big hug.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty dog -- definitely worthy of a Fancy Foto!

Rocket's Mom said...

Kiana you are such a pretty girl and standing so picture perfect.

Hope your apetite comes back up. Cyber hugs to you.