Saturday, June 21, 2008

Distance Queen

Today was day 1 of our agility trial this weekend. As mom thought, I am still allergic to 12 weave poles. I can only do 10 or maybe 11 and skip a says we are going back to square one wherever that is until we get it right. Mom had to admit I was a dynamo on my Jumpers course except for those weaves! Flying in motion mom even got her left and rights out in time!

Mom almost skipped our FAST class. This is the distance challenge and between you and me, mom sucks at teaching distance. It was a send to the teeter (#6), then the tunnel (#3) AND finally a jump (#4). I made mom proud because I sent all the way to the teeter and tunnel before she accidentally stepped over the line and then the timer went out. We were just 1 jump away from qualifying and only 1 other dog made it!! Here is my dyanmic distance course! Mom doesn't know how to draw arrows on her pictures, so hopefully you can see it anyway. The little boxes on the bottom right hand side show you how far away you had to be. 10 feet laterally and 15 feet to the tunnel.

Mom also learned you can't go from contact to contact so we went over the Aframe, over a jump, wrapped back and mom sent me flyng! I think she was very proud of me.

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