Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's Show Time!

This weekend was the annual Northern California Vizsla Specialty. Mom has been going on and on and on about this show for weeks! Enough already, Mom! She was very excited Sister Kiana made it a whole year and got to show again! I reminded her to pack her waterproof mascara and kleenex for the trip. And what thanks did I get..I got left at home! Gasp! Mom and Sister Kiana got kisses and hugs from almost everybody.

Here they are having fun!

It was a Tivoliz Weekend! My son, Dylan, took Reserve Winner's Dog to a 5 point major!

His half-brother Rocky won his class and Q took an AWARD OF MERIT! Then today Rocky took Reserve winners Dog! And Dylan won his class again. Here is Rocky The Rock Star showing his great genes off!

Even Flirtie got to practice being a show dog today!


Muppetdog said...

Sounds like a good day for the whole family - nicely done and congrats!!!

Rocket said...

A round of thunderous applause for Kiana! way to go girl.

And Flirtie, ooohhh la la, you're lookin good