Saturday, May 3, 2008

Laying Low

I've been laying low and dosed up on pain meds...thank you Mom. On Thursday, I had all my girl parts taken out AND my spleen. Holy moly that's a lot of surgery for one little Vizsla. Mom says I'm doing better by leaps and bounds each day. Today, I have my cone on and I'm one unhappy camper. I've given Mom all my pitiful looks, but nope, she won't take it off.

I'm going back to bed for some rest now and to cuddle with Mom.


Anonymous said...

hello gabby its dennis the vizsla dog sorry to heer that the vet stoal so many parts owt of yoo hope yoo feel much better soon ok bye

Mafiosos! said...

Feel better soon, Gabby! The Canine Mafia sends all of their Juju!

Rocket said...

Oh Gabby sorry to they had to take your girly parts. Stick close to mum & dad I know they will do everything to help you physically and mentally feel better.

Cyber nuggles & kisses,